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Top to Toe Combined Therapies
Bowen and Emmett Therapist David Lawler
Glenis Lawler, Emmett, Bowen and Massage Therapist

David Lawler

I began learning and practising body work in Melbourne in the early seventies with 'Ann Mo', a Chinese Taoist Massage. Having always been heavily involved in playing sports, I became the trainer at a large AFL Club I had played with.


Meeting and learning from Ozzie and Elaine Rentsch, who were teaching their interpretation of (now deceased) Tom Bowen's work helped me immensely. Currently, I am excited to know and learn from Ross Emmett, and I thank him for the ability he is willing to share. My treatments are always developing towards more immediate results.


I can be found on a Golf Course when time permits, and I enjoy becoming younger everyday: In no small way thanks to my beauteous wife, Glenis.


  • Fully Qualified Therapist


  • Completed full Level 1 - 6
  • EP Completed 1-6

Glenis Lawler

My health career started in the Nursing field, and I am now concentrating on remedial therapies for humans and dogs.

My nursing background has enhanced my work as a Therapist.

I began with massage and have now added Emmett and Bowen therapies. I am a fully qualified Emmett therapist for people and dogs, and am currently completing the Emmett Professional (EP) courses.


I have lived and worked with dogs all my life, and love their energy and enthusiasm.

I think they deserve all the care available, and they respond particularly well to the Emmett Technique.


  • Remedial Massage
  • Rainbow Massage (Aura/body energy)
  • Periphery Massage (Hands & Feet)



  • Completed full Level 1


  • Completed full Level 1 - 6
  • EP Completed 1-5
  • Dogs full completed 1-4
  • Lymphatic drainage

Our Clinic

Our fully air-conditioned clinic has a comfortable waiting room, three private treatment rooms and a Disabled toilet facility.

We have easy access for wheelchairs and those with injuries or physical handicaps, as well as on and off street parking.

Located in a quiet area in Edge Hill, there is no noise pollution from traffic so sessions are enjoyable and relaxing.


Each room is independently Air-conditioned and we can adjust to accommodate individual requests. There is no de-robing during our Emmett and Bowen treatments as they are non-invasive. We recommend wearing light, loose clothing

(eg. no jeans).

Dogs have their own special area for treatments outside.

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Sessions by Appointment only

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