what is emmett for dogs and how can it help?


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Top to Toe Combined Therapies

Similar to humans, dogs can suffer from ailments and injuries.

Emmett is a gentle technique that is non-invasive and dogs respond extremely well.

Good body balance, alignment and agility is our aim. Emmett can assist in the healing of the body from injuries, and may have positive changes in posture and demeanour.

No dog is too old or too young to benefit from this treatment.


Treatments approx 30 minutes. Bookings essential.

Common ailments the Emmett Technique may assist

Back, Hip, Leg & foot discomfort
may present as limping, carrying a back leg or Sagging back.

Shoulder, Neck or Jaw discomfort
may present as limping, carrying a front leg or holding head at odd angle.

Jaw  misaligned

Sinus Congestion
may present as mucky/gunky eyes and snuffling nose


Breathing difficulties


Anxiety or inability

to focus

Digestion Problems

What to do on the day of treatment

All dogs must be on a lead or harness for control and safety.

Dogs are treated standing up in a shaded area, and small dogs will be placed on a table for easy access.

If you have more than one dog, I am happy to treat them together.


Before coming in:

  • Keep your dog relaxed and calm

  • If possible have a short walk (unless in pain or injured)


During Treatment:

  • The owner is to assist in handling & securing the dog at all


  • Minimise petting, touching and stroking the dog so that their

    body has time to respond to the treatment.

  • Walking on a lead during treatment helps in assessing the dogs



After Treatment:

  • Prevent jumping in and out of vehicles. Lift in if possible.
  • No rough play or intensive exercise for the rest of the day
  • Minimise petting, rubbing or massaging their body.
  • Swimming and walking on sad/beach is low impact exercise.

If your dog is extremely nervous or dislikes being touched by strangers please ensure the dog is muzzled for safety to us and yourself. Emmett is very gentle, however if the dog is in pain or scared they may pull away, snap or bite.


PLEASE NOTE: To enable your dog to walk naturally, ensure his nails are clipped and excess fur trimmed between toes. Fur can cause slipping on smooth surfaces and long nails prevent gripping.

Sessions by Appointment only

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